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Hey friend! My name is Peter Hoefler (he/him). I grew up in Chatham, NJ, and am currently based in Philly.

I am a graduate of the BFA Musical Theater program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Ever since I was rejected from my first middle school musical, I have always dreamed of performing on stage. My mom was the one who found a theater camp near my hometown and signed me up. From there, I became a huge lover of all things musical theater and decided to pursue a career following the one thing that provides pure joy and comfort in my life.

After years of training in musical theater, with over ten years of choral experience (and yes I can talk about choir for hours on end), I am devoting my career to passionate theater creation. I aim to be a part of productions that bend the current traditional standards of what an "ideal" performer looks or sounds like. I want to create art that represents the unrepresented, art that leaves a viewer with more questions and opens up their perception of the world. I also undeniably love a classic tap dancing break under bright, shiny lights. I hope that through my theater journey, I can spread some joy to those I encounter.

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